Phenomenal service and product. Came in highly recommend from neighbors. Did plenty of research and found them to be the best.

We had other venders come to the house and show pictures of products, but being able to physically see the slabs in person had changed our mind on the type and look in picking a more suitable stone for what we liked and were paying for; also not all stones are identical or reflect what you see in a catalog compared to what you'll get on day of delivery, you need to physically see it in person before committing.

We enjoyed being able to walk their show room and physically pick out our slab for the countertops. We are very pleased with the end result.

Drastically cheaper than home depot or any other venders we shopped, overall was able to purchase a far better product of our choice, was able to upgrade to premium quartz, and still saved far more than shopping else where.

Again, highly recommended, won't be disappointed, check out their show room.

Gary Kesterson

Working with Palmyra was a great experience. After shopping around at granite suppliers and selecting my slab, I got estimates from several granite fabricators around Fairfax. Although Palmyra was not the cheapest option using slabs available from suppliers, they had a similar slab already available in-house that they offered for the lowest price I could find.

There were several reasons why they ended up being a couple cuts above the rest:
- They were willing to come out a measure my space without asking for a deposit. After the final measurements, they actually adjusted the sqft of my space down, lowering my final cost compared to the initial estimated cost.
- They were very transparent about the granite I chose, warning about the potential complications of the slab (even though it could have cost them the sale!).
- They were very patient and willing to meet with me to show the slab and measure out my layout.
- Communication was great -- if they missed a call, I received a call back within the hour.
- There was concern about whether my countertop could be cut out of the slab in a single piece given the sink configuration, but the owner came up with a solution to give the piece more support and was able to fabricate it without any seams!
- Finally, the installation was extremely professional. I was seriously surprised about the level of detail the installers took to match the new countertop to my current kitchen configuration. Without me asking, they lifted my dishwasher to hide a gap between the dishwasher and the countertop (my old countertop had an overhang). They caulked some of the gaps between my current tile backsplash and countertop. They found a plumber for me that handled the reattachment of the drainage system to the sink, and when a tiny leak presented itself, was very involved in making sure the plumber returned to fix it.

All in all, I was very satisfied and extremely pleased with the final results. Thank you so much!!

Haley Huang

Adnan has always taken care of me and many other large & small developers. Makes it right and he is set up to fabricate all his own.

Paula Atkins

Adnan and his team did a fantastic job! Totally happy with the quality of service, the workmanship, and the end result. I would recommend Palmyra Stone to anyone - totally go with them!!

Colin Weed